CANDiY is a data-based reward service. 

Therefore, we use MyData and blockchain solution 

to return data sovereignty to data owner 

and strengthen rewards.

These technologies will keep your data safe 

and give you the best privacy experience.

CANDiY team is doing its best to find better technology 

and create a better system 

through strategic and technical meetings weekly.


We use blockchain solutions to ensure that: First, transparently disclose the customer's consent and data transaction history and prevent data tampering. Second, maximize customer rewards using blockchain tokens. Finally, handle with safely data processing of users' data.

Blockchain will be a superior technology to the web 3.0-based decentralized MyData operator, the ultimate goal of the CANDiY service.

Single-sign On

CANDiY  team is trying to create the next generation of single-sign on(SSO) certification. Users had to sign up to use services and make a blockchain wallet. 

We are currently researching and developing to improve this. for example, grand negation authorization protocol(GNAP) and SIOP.

Data Interface

CANDiY is connected using the Rest Application Programming Interface (API) for data linkage with other services.

In particular, we will interface with MyData Operator ( for data distribution and better service.