CANDiY has repeatedly conducted long-term research to implement 

the human-centric philosophy in the user experience(UI/UX) reflected in the service.

In particular, considering the characteristics of the service dealing with data,

we tried to add the perspective of 'The challenges of consulting to data collection and processing 

for human-technology interaction, data privacy.'

Accordingly, CANDiY consisted of data privacy experts, designers, and psychologists 

as team members and constantly contemplated "why need human-centered design?" 

In addition, we attempted to create an optimal user service by

converging the bases of each academic field.

The pages produced by the CANDiY team are described below, 

and three keywords for the service we defined are as follows.

Please consider how each item is applied for each section and confirm it.

"Simpleness, Intuitiveness, Control"

Our efforts will be a different attempt than existing MyData operators. 

It can be seen as the first case of attempting the human-centric philosophy 

to implement the service and believes that it can significantly help the development of MyData.

In addition, CANDiY team will not stop at the current attempt but will continue 

to find better insights and reflect them in the service.

Now, “Consent, Sharing, and Management" screen produced by the CANDIY Service team will continue.

Each screen faithfully reflected the three keywords 'Simpleness, Intuitiveness and Control' described above, and in addition, CANDiY added fun design elements. 

I hope you look for the features and look at the following.


CANDiY has a newly conceived user-friendly consent screen.

CANDiY devised a new version of the sharing screen.

          CANDiY implemented the data usage history and 

          management screen.

< Design License >

The below designs are work made by the CANDiY team to develop MyData service.

This is version 1.0, produced after sufficient consideration from the perspective

of Human-central philosophy, and there is no license restriction.

However, although it is free license work, please leave your opinion

that it will be used in the CANDiY service.

In addition, your opinion and feedback regarding MyData are always welcome. 

We will prepare a new version of the design reflecting your views.